onsdag 2 september 2009

The Lucksmiths tribute album.

I musikdjungeln hittar man en hel del bra i alla fall. Till exempel denna filipinska hyllningsplatta till de evigt saknade The Lucksmiths. Det allra bästa är att den är gratis och du lastar ned den här.

Låtlistan ser ut som följer:

The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco by The Jealous Sea   

I Prefer The Twentieth Century by Fantasy Lights

Caravanna by Grace Period

The Great Dividing Range by Apple Orchard

Untidy Towns by Under Shooting Stars

Guess How Much I Love You by Archaster

The Shipwreck Coast by Candyaudioline

Successlessness by Gustav Hz

Little Athletics by That Lingering Feeling

Sunlight In A Jar by Slumbook

Midweek Midmorning by Archway Close

There Is A Boy That Never Goes Out by Slow Hello

Honey Honey Honey by Golden Teardrops

Young And Dumb by Her Boychart

The Art Of Cooking For Two by Scattered Pearls

The Sandringham Line by The Wentletraps

California In Popular Song by Land Of Ill Earthquakes

Take This Lying Down by Soft Pillow Kisses

Pin Cushion by Self Portrait

Music To Hold Hands To by Dewdrop Fountain

Synchronised Sinking by The Impossible Kid

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